Class – I Holiday Homework









                       Class – I

ENGLISH ·       Write 10 pages handwriting (3 in1 notebook)

·       Learn daily one word and write in notebook.

·       Visit grandparents home and write five lines about them.

·       Reading time(Read chapter 1-7)write 20 new words.

HINDI ·      
MATHS Do questions on addition, subtraction (two digit number) (10each ) in 3 in 1 notebook

Learn and write tables 2,3,4,5 ( 1 time ) 3 in1 notebook

SCI Planting the plants(at least two plant and click the photographs with the plant, paste in your science notebook.
G.K Paste the pictures of 10 daily helpers and also write 4-5 lines about them in your (Scrap file)







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