5 Myths about Boarding Schools

Just as universities and colleges in the Dehradun have evolved in the past several decades, so have boarding schools. A boarding school education can be the best option when considering schools. And while the perception of boarding is changing, there are still some myths that can make you mistakenly think that your ward wouldn’t fit in at boarding school. Here, we’ve compiled the most common misconceptions about boarding school that can help you to learn the truth and discover more about boarding school.

Myth 1: Boarding school is for kids who are having trouble at home or school.

The biggest notion about boarding schools is that only those kids are admitted into a boarding school, who have troubled family situations. This, however is not the truth. Usually those kids come to the boarding schools whose parents wish them to learn life skills apart from academics.

Myth 2: It will be hard to keep in touch with one’s family & may end up loosing the warmth in the relations.

Most of the boarding schools have rules which enable a student to be in touch with his/her family on weekly basis through phone calls & internet. Monthly outings with the parents/guardians are also a very strong opportunity for the parents to keep the relations kindled. Infact, a boarder understands the importance of a family more than a normal day scholar.

Myth 3: You must be very wealthy to go to boarding school.

Families that send their kids to boarding school today represent a much wider demographic – geographically, socio-economically and ethnically

Myth 4: Kids don’t have fun at boarding school.

Boarding schools are a lot of fun. If you talk to students of boarding schools, most will tell you the same thing – it’s an environment that’s conducive to making incredible friends and having fun in the process.

Myth 5: boarding schools are not safe.

A usual thought about a boarding school is that they are unsafe due to ragging/ bullying incidents. This is not true as a boarding student is governed by strict daily routine. Each area of boarding schools is covered under CCTV network apart from the residential staff working on managing the set of students assigned to them by management. Also due to the fact that all students are away from home, they tend to understand each other more than anybody & hence over a period of time, they become good friends & well wishers of each other.


The best way to learn about boarding schools is to thoroughly inquire about the factors of a boarding school based on the following multiple parameters: curriculum, academics, reputation, infrastructure and facilities, and pastoral care. You can simply visit the school, being on campus and talking to current students about their experiences & learn more about the boarding life.
The list of best boarding schools can be filtered based on what one wants (co-ed, curriculum, location and a host of other factors). This requires a disciplined approach, time and patience to get the right information, perspectives and insights about the best boarding school to take the right decision which will be in the interest of the child.





Class – I Holiday Homework









                       Class – I

ENGLISH ·       Write 10 pages handwriting (3 in1 notebook)

·       Learn daily one word and write in notebook.

·       Visit grandparents home and write five lines about them.

·       Reading time(Read chapter 1-7)write 20 new words.

HINDI ·      
MATHS Do questions on addition, subtraction (two digit number) (10each ) in 3 in 1 notebook

Learn and write tables 2,3,4,5 ( 1 time ) 3 in1 notebook

SCI Planting the plants(at least two plant and click the photographs with the plant, paste in your science notebook.
G.K Paste the pictures of 10 daily helpers and also write 4-5 lines about them in your (Scrap file)







class IV


What you should know about boarding schools in Dehradun?

Boarding schools in Dehradun are modelled extensively upon the co-education school system. They start
school at the age of 5 and leave school generally after 13 years. In between, students flourish in the rich
culture of learning, friendship, arts, athletics and intellectual discourse.

What Is Boarding School?
Boarding school is a system where students live and study in school during the academic semester. Pupils
visit their families only for weekends and vacations. The close communal coexistence among different
students from different background & culture attract many students to boarding school in Dehradun.
Students learn the importance of tolerance and respect for differing views & perspectives through the bonds
they develop in such close-knit educational setting.

Types of Boarding Schools in Dehradun
Parents can choose the right boarding school for their child from numerous types of schools in Dehradun.
Here you will find a list of boarding schools which are typical in Dehradun, India:

  • Boarding-Day Schools
    The majority of pupils study and live in the school complex, some commute from the neighborhood and
    nearby towns.
  • 5-Day Boarding Schools/7-Day Boarding Schools
    At 5-Day boarding schools pupils study and reside together for 5 days (from Mon to Fri), spending the
    weekends at home. At 7-Day boarding schools there is the possibility to also spend the weekend on the
  • Coeducational Boarding Schools
    Here girls and boys are taught together. Accommodation is segregated by gender.
  • Girls’ Boarding Schools/Boys’ Boarding Schools
    Boarding schools solely for girls or boys.
  • Junior Boarding Schools
    Junior Boarding Schools accept students from classes 1 to 8. 6th to 8th class students study and live in these
    boarding schools.
  • College-Preparatory Boarding Schools
    College-preparatory boarding schools prepare motivated students for their college life. Some of them offer
    programs for students with learning difficulties.
  • Religious Schools
    Religious boarding schools put special emphasis upon a specific religion or spiritual development. These
    schools belong to specific religions and normally require their applicants to be affiliated to this religion.

Admission & Language Abilities
As a prerequisite for boarding schools, special admission tests, documents and certificates may be required.

Extra Curricular Activities
At Dehradun boarding schools, the school day begins around 9.00 am and ends around 3:30 pm. Pupils
choose subjects from different fields. Extra Curriculum Activities, which have been developed and in demand
for years, have particular status in the Dehradun school system. After lessons are over, various different
activities traditionally take place in the realm of sports, culture and music. By taking part in co-scholastic
activities such as music and theater, pupils develop a greater sense of belonging, along with independence
and self-confidence.

Benefits of Boarding Schools

The decision to send your child to boarding school is the first step in what many consider a big picture
decision: that come with it will pay off in the long term.
1. Independence and Self-reliance
2. Confidence
3. Discipline
4. Standard Living
5. Social Confidence
6. Educational Excellence
7. Holistic Development

FIITJEE – School Integrated Program in Dehradun

Preparation for the highly competitive IITs has always been a nightmare for all aspiring engineers. Even those candidates who are driven by their dream of the IITs at times find it difficult to keep up with the highly competitive preparation.

The reason for the same is quite simple- but at the same time convoluted. For this we need to take a moment to understand a typical day for an aspirant preparing for his IIT Dreams.

An IIT aspirant’s day typically begins in the week hours of the morning, sometimes as early as 4/ 5 am with self -study- the child trying to steal away some moments from the ever elusive day.  Then comes breakfast followed by the rigorous school routine till 2:30 pm/ 3:00 pm. After a hasty lunch, the kid is then whisked away to his IIT Coaching/ preparatory center where he spends a good 3 hours battling difficult questions of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Then comes a quick dinner followed by another couple of hours of self-study- and the dilemma of choosing between the upcoming Board Preparation or the JEE Mains/ Advanced Preparation.

The stress associated with the entire process- and this stress is faced at the tender age of 16/17- hence the escalation in the number of cases of teen depression, teen suicides and various other psychological issues.


FIITJEE programs within school academics

Now imagine a process where board and JEE Mains/ Advanced Preparation can be achieved within the school hour itself- wouldn’t that be a blessing, freeing up time for the kids to not only indulge in self-study but more importantly enabling them to engage in sports and various other passions, which kids at times kill for their IIT Dreams.

This is what FIITJEE, the pioneers in IIT JEE Mains and Advanced Preparations have conceptualized. In order to enable the IIT preparation process while maintaining the quality of the course curriculum, FIITJEE conceptualized the School Integrated Program which prepares children both for the Boards and IITs within the school hours itself with the expertise of the FIITJEE resources.


FIITJEE Integrated School Programs in Doon Global School

FIITJEE Integrated School Program has been running successfully in various parts of the country for several years now- and FIITJEE has introduced the Integrated School Program (ISP) for the first time in Dehradun and in turn Uttarakhand with the Doon Global School.

The Doon Global School too has had an eminent history in the sphere of holistic quality education- a 20 year old CBSE Day cum Boarding School, DGS has been recognized not only as the Top 5 Private CBSE Schools in Dehradun, but also the Best Private School for Personalized attention.

The introduction of the FIITJEE Integrated School Program with the Doon Global School is a welcome respite for all- especially the IIT aspirants of the beautiful state of Uttarakhand.

Day School Versus Boarding School in Dehradun

Day vs Boarding has been a lifelong dilemma which plagues parents, especially working parents. There are various school of thought pertaining to this question. No parent has an easy time being away from their kids. However, if boarding school is something your family is considering, the pain of separation may be eased by considering the benefits.
The purpose of this article is not to denigrate any process / institution but merely to shed some light. There are many reasons to go to boarding school. The academics, the athletics and the extracurricular activities are just a few of the considerations. But there’s more.

Boarding School Benefits & Advantages

  • Boarding school does for its children – living away from family from a young age enables Personality Enhancement in ways which cannot be comprehended by people who go through the Day School in Dehradun. The ability to make decisions, think outside the box, be confident and independent are personality traits that are inherently associated with students of a Boarding Schools.
  • An optimal blend of academics and extra-curricular activities.
  • An effective teaching and learning methodologies and pedagogies.

Introducing Doon Global School- Day cum Residential Co-educational School in Dehradun

Doon Global School (DGS), with an eminent history of 20 years in education, has been recognized as the Top 5 Private CBSE Day cum Residential School of Dehradun, Uttarakhand as well as the Best CBSE School for Personalized Attention in all over Uttarakhand.
The various initiatives ranging from the Personalized Attention of remedial classes and one-on-one counseling, to focus on mental and physical development with Yoga, Horse Riding, Swimming, Rifle Shooting, Tennis, Football, and various other sports enabled by associations with professional organizations, enhance the overall learning experience of the kids in the Boarding Program.


The decision of Day vs Boarding School in Dehradun is always a personal decision, one that parents should not rush into- but all I urge the parents of today’s age to make an informed decision as opposed to an emotional one- after all it is a child’s future at stake!


So all the best!