Class – I Holiday Homework









                       Class – I

ENGLISH ·       Write 10 pages handwriting (3 in1 notebook)

·       Learn daily one word and write in notebook.

·       Visit grandparents home and write five lines about them.

·       Reading time(Read chapter 1-7)write 20 new words.

HINDI ·      
MATHS Do questions on addition, subtraction (two digit number) (10each ) in 3 in 1 notebook

Learn and write tables 2,3,4,5 ( 1 time ) 3 in1 notebook

SCI Planting the plants(at least two plant and click the photographs with the plant, paste in your science notebook.
G.K Paste the pictures of 10 daily helpers and also write 4-5 lines about them in your (Scrap file)







class IV


Day School Versus Boarding School in Dehradun

Day vs Boarding has been a lifelong dilemma which plagues parents, especially working parents. There are various school of thought pertaining to this question. No parent has an easy time being away from their kids. However, if boarding school is something your family is considering, the pain of separation may be eased by considering the benefits.
The purpose of this article is not to denigrate any process / institution but merely to shed some light. There are many reasons to go to boarding school. The academics, the athletics and the extracurricular activities are just a few of the considerations. But there’s more.

Boarding School Benefits & Advantages

  • Boarding school does for its children – living away from family from a young age enables Personality Enhancement in ways which cannot be comprehended by people who go through the Day School in Dehradun. The ability to make decisions, think outside the box, be confident and independent are personality traits that are inherently associated with students of a Boarding Schools.
  • An optimal blend of academics and extra-curricular activities.
  • An effective teaching and learning methodologies and pedagogies.

Introducing Doon Global School- Day cum Residential Co-educational School in Dehradun

Doon Global School (DGS), with an eminent history of 20 years in education, has been recognized as the Top 5 Private CBSE Day cum Residential School of Dehradun, Uttarakhand as well as the Best CBSE School for Personalized Attention in all over Uttarakhand.
The various initiatives ranging from the Personalized Attention of remedial classes and one-on-one counseling, to focus on mental and physical development with Yoga, Horse Riding, Swimming, Rifle Shooting, Tennis, Football, and various other sports enabled by associations with professional organizations, enhance the overall learning experience of the kids in the Boarding Program.


The decision of Day vs Boarding School in Dehradun is always a personal decision, one that parents should not rush into- but all I urge the parents of today’s age to make an informed decision as opposed to an emotional one- after all it is a child’s future at stake!


So all the best!