class IV



                                                                        CLASS- IV


  1. Write 10 pages handwriting.
  2. Write 8- 10 lines on what you want to be when you grow up and paste picture of that profession.
  3. Write a self composed story with its title and moral.

(Do the work in small notebook)


  1. Learn tables from 2-20
  2. Note down the timings of your favourite shows on television and make different clocks showing their timings. The clock should have to made of cardboard with different faces like any cartoon character.
  3. Note down the birthdates of your family members and write them in a scrap notebook using match stick or straws or any waste materials.


  1. Visit a vegetable shop and write the names of any five vegetables and their prices/kg.
  2. Make a paper collage of one fruit and one vegetables.
  3. Learn and write the names of any five land birds and water birds.

(Do the work in small notebook)


  1. Visit a hill station during your vacation and write your experience on a sheet (paste pictures any 5)
  2. Collect and paste pictures of famous tourist places in any 5 states of India. (in a scrap book)

G K-1. collect and paste the pictures of your favorite players  and write 10 lines about him / her. (do in GK note book)


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  1. Write a short note and stick pictures in scrapbook for the same Charles Babbage, Lady Ada Lovelace, Herman Hollerith, Blaise Pascal.
  2. Write full form of CD-ROM , ROM, RAM, CRT, LCD, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM.