Principal's Desk

"If you don’t set a base line standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behavior and attitude or a quality of life that’s far below you deserve……"

Working in the truest spirit to justify our motto ‘Living with Virtue’; we have taken a giant leap ahead. It satiates our endeavors to see that THE DOON GLOBAL SCHOOL has excelled in strengthening the knowledge base, ensuring a firm grasp on the fundamentals thus helping our pupil to prove capable to meet any challenge academically. We have also been able to inculcate in the tender impressionable minds that our greatest glory is not in failing but in rising after every time we fail.

We firmly believe that actions speak louder than words. And so our relentless grueling efforts are speaking not only in terms of the fabulous academic result but also in terms of participation in many inter and in school competitions and the various charitable projects undertaken by us to prove that we firmly believe in teaching harmonious co-existence with those around us be it life or environment.

We are firmly striding on the holistic approach of recognizing and identifying the immense potential of every child and then leveraging initiatives to elicit the best out of the child in terms of development into conscious citizen and responsible leader. Our passed students have already proved themselves to be the heralds of the values fostered in them.

"A true measure of our worth includes all the benefits others have gained from our success and the greatest gift we can give one another is rapt attention to one another’s existence". But as always, a lot is yet to be achieved………

Wishing and praying May God shower his bliss in bounty on each one of us.

Anuj S. Singh