Scholarship Test : Class 7

Welcome to your Scholarship Test : Class 7

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1) The site of complete digestion and absorption of food in the human digestive system
2) Breathing is a___________ process while respiration is a___________ process
3) On subtracting 4 from -4 we get
4) A car runs 16 km using 1 litre of petrol. How much distance will it cover in 2 litres of petrol?
5) By how much does 2 exceed – 3 ?
6) The green insectivorous plants trap insects, kill them and digest them to obtain mainly:
7) During heavy exercise, we get cramps in our legs due to the accumulation of:
8) 6 cm = ?
9) The image of an object formed by a plane mirror is:
10) High speed winds are accompanied by
11) what should be subtracted from .1 to get .03?
12) Wind is always associated with:
13) Water circulates in three forms, solid, liquid and gas, during the water cycle in nature. Where is
water present naturally in Gaseous form:
14) Reciprocal of 1 is
15) Dolphins breathe with the help of: