Admission Policy - Doon Global School

Admission Policy

Fee Policy

Doon Global School being an independent private school maintains high standards and good infrastructure and facilities for all the students. The fee structure and policies of the School are designed to support this infrastructure and is subject to change at the discretion of the Management. Once the applicant is confirmed admission, Parent’s/ guardians would need to pay the Admission Fee (non- refundable), to reserve the seat with the school. In case, of a mid-Session admission, the Parent/ guardian need to deposit the Admission Fee (Non- refundable), Security Deposit (For Boarders – Refundable) and the applicable regular Fee. The fee payable will be calculated on a pro rata basis for the balance period of the academic year and the school will consider the date of joining as the 1st day of the month of joining. However, since the school curriculum is challenging it is advisable for a student to start from the first day of the Academic Session.

Guidelines for Payment of fees

  • All fee payments should be made by the 10thof each month.
  • The School does not send invoices separately and timely payment of the fee is the responsibility of the Parent/guardian, as per the schedule mentioned above.
  • A late fee fine will be imposed of Rs.50 per day from the 11th day of every month. Any Parent having difficulty paying the fees before the 10th of the month may get an extension of 5 days on a written application, approved by the School Director.
  • Any student who has more than a month’s fee pending will not be allowed to attend classes. The student will be allowed to attend classes only after clearing the dues and payment.
  • Boarding students will pay their fee 6 monthly.
  • All payments to the school can be made by Demand Draft / Online transfers.

Rebate for Siblings

We value the importance of giving siblings equal exposure by being in the same schooling environment. Therefore, second and subsequent children of the same parents studying in Doon Global School are eligible for 10% rebate in the Regular School fee. The rebate is applicable to the younger sibling (s). However, the moment the eldest sibling leaves School, the next sibling will lose the eligibility status for rebate, having now become the only or eldest. The rebate is not applicable for other charges/fees including the Refundable Security Deposit, the basis of which shall remain the standard fee for the relevant Class.

* The rebate mentioned is subject to change at the discretion of the Management of the School.


  1. Parents wishing to withdraw their child from the school need to give the request in writing, addressed to The School Office. Information to teachers or oral information will not be considered as intimation. The notice period shall be calculated from the date of receipt of the written request. Such requests may be made by email as well. In the absence of such a request in writing duly acknowledged by The School Office, the regular School Fee shall be charged for an additional 30 days from the day last attended as per the attendance register of the class.
  2. Once the Withdrawal Application is submitted and all dues cleared till the students last day in School as per regulations, The School Office will start the background process for the Withdrawal of your ward. It will take between 10-15 working days for the Transfer Certificate to be ready, after which the Parents will be informed to collect the same from the School Office.
  3. An administrative charge of Rs. 50/- will be charged for the TC.

Refundable Security Deposit (Boarding)

The Security Deposit is non-interest bearing and is refundable upon the student passing out/leaving the school subject to clearances of all dues. Any unpaid dues of the student shall be recovered from his security deposit, which includes notice period fee in the event of withdrawal without prescribed notice.

For withdrawals happening at the end of the academic year the Security Deposit shall be refunded within 30 days of re-opening of the school after adjusting unpaid dues, if any, including notice period fee in lieu of insufficient notice, if applicable.

For withdrawals happening during the session, the Security Deposit shall be refunded within 30 days, from the date of the application for withdrawal.

In no circumstances can the Security Deposit be adjusted against any of the school fee or charge. Even if a student has given a withdrawal notice for the following semester/academic year, he needs to continue paying all fees and charges till he is attending the school.