Boarding Life

Boarding life at DGS focuses on concrete and holistic development of the boarders. The children are given exposure to make sure that they learn lessons of life. Apart from focusing on the academic development, a lot of focus is on, over all development of children in order to make them independent and to let their personality bloom according to the requirements of time.

The boarding life provides immense opportunities for the overall development and growth of the children. Away from the comfort zones of their homes, children learn to manage their time well, to benefit from the pleasures of a disciplined life, to learn to cooperate, to understand the relevance of mutual cooperation, to learn the art of self-dependence and most significantly to understand the basics of management related to their day to day life.

Physical Development

Boarding life at the DGS is truly inspiring, it is full of life, it is rich in experience, it is extraordinarily supportive and it certainly helps in the overall development of individuals to encourage them to live life with dignity.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body, this maxim works as motivation for the Students at the DGS. A lot of stress is put on physical development of the Students. The day starts with morning PT which includes various exercises and games. The exercises rejuvenate us. The Students are made to participate in evening games as well. The Students play basketball, football, cricket and badminton, this works as stress buster for them and they find themselves relieved and energised for the rest of the day. The Students are provided healthy and delicious food. This includes a rich variety of food that is served to the boarders.

In order to let Students grow splendidly, it is often required to give them proper exposure to visit historical monuments, museums and resorts. This helps them in the development of their thinking power. Exposure, to various places, satiates their quest to know more and more things.

Boarding Night

Away from the humdrum of everyday life, the boarding night provided the much required relaxation to the Students. On this day special food is prepared, keeping in mind, the favourite dishes of the Boarders. The evening starts with Singing and Dancing.

The boarding life is just like the fresh blow of serene breeze. The festivity follows singing, dancing, role plays, sharing jokes and what not ! The Boarding night opens whole new dimension of life to the boarders. Needless to say, the Boarders wait eagerly for the Boarding night every month. This certainly provides the much required respite from the monotonous life.

Remedial Class

The remedial classes are available for students. The primary purpose for the introduction of this facility is to help them excel in academics.

Prep Class

Self-learning is defined as a method of garnering information and after processing and retaining it without taking the help of another individual. It is a modern way of learning that helps a person to teach himself skills and knowledge that will prove relevant to his daily activities.

Boarding Facility

The rooms in The Boarding House are shared by the students. Care is taken to keep them clean, airy and well lit. All Students are cared for by a House Parent. The Boarding House functions under the overall supervision of the Boarding Head, who is normally a resident teacher.

Educational Excursions

The Boarding House of The Doon Global School is a great hub of activity and creativity. The Students in Boarding have a planned calendar each month with various activities of Educational and Entertainment outings. Celebrations of all types and festivals are a way of life in The Boarding House.