DGS Counselling - Doon Global School

DGS Counselling

Counselling at Doon Global School focuses on encouraging students’ holistic development in the spheres of academics, social interaction, emotional and personal development

The aim and commitment is towards helping students develop effective coping strategies to deal with any issues they may be encountering in their day to day lives.

Individual and Group counselling sessions are provided, which ensures that they are able to develop a one to one rapport with the student when necessary and subsequently help guide them to resolve any conflicts they might be facing. The students are also provided ample guidance on effective study techniques, how to set achievable goals and direct their efforts towards meeting them.

Life Skill lessons for students are done on a regular basis, to motivate and address any behavioural concerns and help students to cope with issues like stress, peer pressure and adolescent worries. This is accomplished through classroom presentations, workshops and regular interactive sessions which address vital issues like self-awareness, communication skills, decision making, anger management and time management skills. Our counsellors help students learn to relate well with their peers and develop effective personal and social skills.

Helping them develop into well-adjusted and motivated young minds with a strong foundation of good values is our primary focus at Doon Global School.