Infrastructure - Doon Global School


DGS has a selected number of students in each class with 700 students overall. Staff know students as individuals and care about their progress; the excellent student-teacher relationships contribute to a homely atmosphere. Concerns are noticed and addressed swiftly. Students form strong and supportive friendships.

We provide continuous motivation to Students

We provide continuous motivation to Students by celebrating their achievements with awards, both inside and outside the classroom. These achievements can be in varied fields, ranging from academics to sport and co-curricular excellence; or even exemplary or helpful or responsible behavior with peers / others. We thus create opportunities for recognition to our doers and, in a sense, celebrate many winners and the success of the community.

Quality of interaction among people determines the culture of a society. The members of Doon Global School community i.e. Students, Teachers, Administrative Staff and even Parents, are all committed to their work, and are polite, respectful, gentle and friendly in their interaction with each other and also fair whenever required. They value their relationship.

The cultural norms that Students are expected to adhere to are:

  • Cordial behavior
  • Reasonable expectations
  • Trust and confidence
  • Tangible support
  • Appreciation and recognition
  • Caring for School property
  • Respect for privacy and dignity of each individual
  • Involvement in decision making
  • Discernment of right and wrong
  • Honest and open communication
  • Compassion and caring

Boarding Facility

The rooms in The Boarding House are shared by the students. Care is taken to keep them clean, airy and well lit. All Students are cared for by a House Parent. The Boarding House functions under the overall supervision of the Boarding Head, who is normally a resident teacher.

The Boarding House of Doon Global School is a great hub of activity and creativity. The Students in Boarding have a planned calendar each month with various activities of Educational and Entertainment outings. Celebrations of all types and festivals are a way of life in The Boarding House.