Safety & Security - Doon Global School

Safety & Security

Safety and security of all staff and students is of supreme importance. DGS takes all necessary steps to enhance overall security management in the campus. Our security staff abide strictly by the security policy and demonstrate fairness and consistency.

The policy also outlines procedures to be followed during emergency situations on campus. Security is provided round-the-clock in the campus, A solid security network ensures maximum effort is made in this regard.

Best practices related to school safety and security are recommended to the Senior Management Team. The School provides training in security and safety to its guards and other staff.

The Safety and Security Department monitors and responds to all emergencies 24×7. The CCTV network is in operation on the school campus and is monitored and recorded for the purposes of prevention of untoward incidents, for the safety of our staff and students, and for the protection of school property. Doon Global School in Dehradun, India, also takes a strong stand against drug and alcohol abuse, along with a zero-tolerance policy toward bullying.

While dealing with matters of safety and security, DGS takes cognizance of mental and psychological safety as much as the physical dimensions of it. A school counselor is available to assist troubled students and provide them guidance and support in times of need.