Scholarship Policy - Doon Global School

Scholarship Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide support and encouragement to deserving students to  study at Doon Global School. This policy covers two categories of scholarship/freeship: 

Category 1: Those who are unable to afford the school fee but have done well in one of the  criteria below. The goal here is to support completion of study for a deserving candidate. Category 2: Those who have the capacity to pay but are still being awarded a scholarship in  recognition of their achievements. The goal here is to further the pursuit of excellence.

No CRITERIA 1 2 3 4 5
IT Skills
Collaboration & Teamwork

(1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.)

Conditions of Scholarship/Freeship: 

  1. The student should not have been a fee defaulter in the preceding 12 months. 2. The student must conform/adhere to the School Policies. 
  2. The Scholarship/Freeship will only continue if the student continues to meet the criteria under which the Scholarship/Freeship was offered. The scholarship will be available for  the current academic year only. A student may apply for a continued scholarship on a  condition of an annual review / evaluation of the student.  
  3. Siblings/members of the same family will be treated individually and must qualify as above. Scholarship will not be awarded under 2 categories simultaneously. Scholarship/Freeship  under more than one category will not be permitted to run concurrently. For instance, a  student availing of the sibling discount can be awarded a scholarship, but only one of the  two can be availed. 
  4. The scholarship will not apply to any other head which falls under Annual Fees, Transport  charges, etc. 
  5. The candidate must have recommendations from – Class Teacher, Subject Teacher, Sports  Teacher as the case may be. The recommendation must come from the Principal. The final  approval is given by the School Director. 
  6. The candidate must score a minimum 24 points with at least 5 in Academics or Sports or Co Curricular, and not less than 3 in any of the above criteria. 
  7. For all existing students and those joining on the 1st of April, the Scholarships close on 20th April of that year. For new admissions during the year, the matter will be on a case to case  basis.

This policy will be reviewed every year or whenever the need arises. 1 

Kinds of Scholarship/Freeship: 

  1. A percentage deduction of the school fee to a maximum of 20 %. 
  2. A one – time annual waiver not exceeding Rs 5000 for a day scholar, adjusted appropriately  at the end of the term. 
  3. For those seeking admission, documented proof of the above Criteria needs to be submitted  for review. Kindly however, note that there is no rebate on Registration and Admission Fee.
  4. For students opting for boarding, the Scholarship/Freeship policy as applicable for Day  Scholars remains the same. 
  5. 10% Sibling Concession is offered on the Tuition Fee, for the younger sibling, as long as both  children are students in the School.  
  6. Special Scholarship for Grade 10 DGS students: Special Scholarship for meritorious students  of Grade 10 students wishing to continue their study in Grade 11 at DGS, are available. The  exact amount of scholarship for points 1 to 4 below are based on their result plus school  criteria. 

80-85.99 % = 25% 

86-89.99 % = 30 % 

90-95.99 % = 50 % 

Above 96 % = 70 % 

  1. The above (pt. no. 6) Scholarship/Bursary will be applicable to new admissions on a case to case  basis. 
  2. Special Scholarship for children of Employees of Skill-Ed: Employees of Skill-Ed, a group concern,  may seek admission to DGS and if the same is granted, the following terms will apply: 

Registration= Rs. 100 

Admission = 100 % 

Monthly Fee = 50%. 

Benefits of Scholarship/Freeship: A scholarship certificate speaks volumes for a student  seeking admission to another Educational Institute or an Institute of Higher Learning, whether in  India or overseas. A scholarship certificate enhances a student’s CV when applying for jobs because it is based on Academic, Sports and other Skills required for the workplace.