Vision and Mission - Doon Global School

Vision and Mission


Doon Global School aims to nurture resilient, holistic, empathetic & lifelong learners in a multi-cultural environment, which has sustainability at its core.

The vision of the School is to occupy a pre-eminent position in education in Dehradun and become the preferred choice of Parents looking for an International education for their children.


Students graduating from DGS will be responsible global citizens who will contribute to society in various capacities. This will happen by providing them the freedom to be, to act, dream and experiment in a nurturing environment.

DGS incorporates an inquiry-based curriculum with extensive co-curricular cross-discipline experiences, focussing on experiential learning and student's voice.

While our roots go deep, we will develop young men and women who consider the planet as a cohabited, shared space with challenges common to all. They will understand the nuances of different cultures and understand what diverse populations feel are matters important to them and try and internalise the differences while working together. The world is more travelled than ever before, and our students will need to make sense of all that they see.

21st Century Life Skills

Our mission therefore will be to ensure that our students are academically sound keeping their abilities and potential in mind, and to guide our students to graduate with the following 21st Century Life Skills:

Critical Thinking

It is our understanding that to succeed in life there are many skills required and it is these skills that stand you in good stead when the waters are uncharted. Building life skills is at the Centre of all that we do. We hope that by the time our students graduate they would be in a good position to understand the world around them, and make the most of it.


  1. The School philosophy is centred around integrity in all our engagements within the school and outside the school.
  2. While we appreciate and respect history, prior learning, prior knowledge, established systems – we are also very curious and love to ask questions. Therefore – why do we do what we do – is another important aspect of our philosophy and the way we conduct ourselves.
  3. Students at Doon Global School have a voice and the School philosophy ensures their involvement in all aspects of School life. Students are encouraged to query and interrogate energetically.
  4. Every School engagement ensures that there is a takeaway for our students in terms of a learning experience.